Ginary - Paris Belly Inflates & Farts All Over


Ginary - Paris Belly Inflates & Farts All Over
Paris Love sits on the couch eating a little treat, when her roommate Nikki Brooks comes in and confronts her about eating her cookie. Nikki gets furious that her roommate keeps taking advantage of her by eating all her food, and she storms out of the room. Nikki devises a plan in her room to get back at Paris, and makes a run to the store. Nikki makes a dish that will “blow her up” and leaves it out for Paris to find. Paris eats all of the pie Nikki left out, and she starts to have really bad gas. Paris lets out a huge fart, and her stomach starts to grow. Nikki comes in and asks if Paris is ok, but Paris can’t stop farting. Her stomach starts to grow more and more, and Nikki starts to panic - She didn’t know the pie would make Paris feel THIS bad! Nikki helps Paris to the couch as she grows into a huge farting bubble, and runs off to her room. Paris yells outside of the door for Nikki to help her, but Nikki stays locked in her room as Paris farts up the entire living room! (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Nikki or Paris? Email us today.)

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