Ginary - Stefania Bikini Belly Worship By Ginary


Ginary - Stefania Bikini Belly Worship By Ginary
Ginary walks in to see if Stefania Mafra is ready for the p00l, and she gets so turned on when she sees Stefania’s sexy belly in her bathing suit. Ginary tells Stefania that plans have changed, and she starts to kiss and lick Stefania’s bare belly and belly button. Stefania lays on the bed, and Ginary kisses her belly and worships her as she lays back. Ginary takes out Stefania’s belly ring, and cleans her belly button for her. She grabs whipped cream, and licks it all off of Stefania’s belly. When she’s done, Ginary puts a new belly button ring on Stefania before they head to the p00l! (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Ginary or Stefania? Email us today.)

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