Ginary - Triple Tongue Fun - FULL


Ginary - Triple Tongue Fun - FULL
*THIS INCLUDES BOTH PARTS OF THE CUSTOM MOVIE PACKAGED TOGETHER AT A DISCOUNTED PRICE* Part 1… Ginary sits in front of Karly Salinas and Vicky Vixxx as they argue who has the sexiest tongue! The ladies stick out their tongues straight and compare, and move their tongues around, showing off different things they can do with their long sexy tongues. Ginary sticks out her tongue, and compares it with Vicky and Karly. Vicky and Karly sit side by side and show off their sexy tongues! Part 2… Ginary sits between Karly and Vicky’s feet, unable to decide whose feet to worship. First Ginary starts on Karly’s bare feet, then she moves over to Vicky’s. She licks and sucks their toes, and licks up their arches and soles, covering Karly and Vicky’s soles with her spit. Ginary worships both the ladies feet together, then they all three lay in the bed, comparing their sexy toes and bare soles! (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Ginary, Karly, or Vicky? Email us today.)

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