Hankyspank - Ducky outside show florida


Hankyspank - Ducky outside show florida
Last video for this dress!! Here I am in florida showing off to any neighbor that looks over haha I take my long hair out of a braid exposed strip show! Long and loud real orgasm with my little duck toy, some squirt action. High ass quality, great lighting. One of my all time favorite videos because we were at ex's dads house in florida and had to hide from his neighbors, that fense wasnt full around the yard haha we only took a couple videos here this one came out soo fucking good. Really high quality with amazing lighting and i am just sexy as fuck. I also just love ducks too especially when the vibrate. Genuine orgasms with lots of showing off. TWENTY minutes of beautiful sexy warm tropical tan blonde girl living it up. I miss the weather the most. And his sexy dad tbh

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