Hazel Simone - Bathtime Surprise for Daddys Little Girl


Hazel Simone - Bathtime Surprise for Daddys Little Girl
You love spoiling your little girl, but this time the present you've chosen for her is a little more grown up.  Naive and obedient, she eagerly opens the gift you've bought her.  "Bath toys? Daddy don't you think I'm a little old for these?" she looks confused and you realize just how innocent she is. You tell her they are special big girl toys and daddy will show her how to use them if she takes off her bathing suit.  She hesitates for a second before agreeing and shyly undresses in front of you.  "I think my titties are a little bigger than the last time you saw me naked daddy." You proceed to instruct her on how to use her new toys, slowly getting her used to how they feel in each of her holes.  Her tight little pussy needs to be trained to take your cock but she doesn't need to know that yet... TAGS: POV, teens, barely legal, taboo, bathtub, bikini, brunette, braids, pigtails, roleplay, family affair, young girls, father daughter, unboxing, birthday, girl, small tits, hairless pussy, pussy stretching, first time, virgin, knotting, knot, bad dragon, dildo fucking

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