Hazel Simone - Squirting for Daddy P33 Desperation


Hazel Simone - Squirting for Daddy P33 Desperation
"Why are you making me have so much water daddy? I don't understand" I tell you I don't think I can take any more and really really need to p33, but you tell me to hold it and make me finish another glass. After begging you to let me go p33 you finally tell me that you will allow me to go to the bathroom as soon as I do something for you. Desperate and barely able to hold my bladder, I agree and ask you what you want from me. You tell your babygirl that you're going to teach her how to squirt, instructing me to take your cock in my wet little virgin pussy. It hurts a bit at first and I whimper as it makes me need to p33 even more! I tell you I feel like I'm going to p33 but you tell me to keep going. It doesn't take long before I lose control and squirt on your cock. I'm shocked but you tell me I'm a good girl and reassure me it's normal, praising me for my squirts. I tell you it feels good and begin to squirt and cum for you over and over again gasping with pleasure as I bounce up and down on your cock. "Daddy do boys squirt to?" I want to make sure you feel as good as I do and you tell me that daddy will have nice big load of cum for me if I keep riding you like a good girl. Excited and curious, I beg you to cum with me and let me see what it looks like. We cum together and I let out one last big squirt. I understand why you made me have so much water now! Thank you daddy!

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