hazelsimone - Daughter Secretly Craves Daddy's Cock


hazelsimone - Daughter Secretly Craves Daddy's Cock
You find my diary in which I've confessed my unspeakable fantasy about fucking you, my very own father. You confront me and make me read it back to you, humiliating me immensely. I apologize shamefuly but to my surprise daddy wants to give me what I've been dreaming about. Now that I'm face to face with my fantasy, I get shy - are you sure daddy? You really want to? I'm hesitant but you order me to strip for you. My pussy is so wet my juices are running down to my ass, my pussy CONVULSING in anticipation (literally, it's hot, I promise). "Of course I'm wet daddy, this is my biggest fantasy" Suddenly I'm begging you to fill me up with your cock. I moan as you push yourself inside me. "It's even better than I imagined dad!" I immediately start to cream on you, begging you to tell me I'm a filthy slut for imagining such taboo things. I beg you to cum inside my creamy pussy and squirt as you thrust a load as deep as you can. Hot, intense dirty talk. The orgasm I had filming this was incredible.

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