hazelsimone - Impregnating Myself with Daddy's Condom


hazelsimone - Impregnating Myself with Daddy's Condom
"Daddy I found something which I think might be yours..." your daughter giggles and pulls out one of your used condoms. "You did a really bad job hiding it, it's almost like you wanted me to find it." she teases you with it and makes a confession: she's always fantasized about her very own daddy getting her pregnant. "Now I have your cum and there's nothing you can do about it!" she begins to taste it, sucking on the condom before dripping it all over her little teen pussy. Seeing your innocent girl transformed into a cum hungry slut is almost too much to handle, and she sees your cock is hard through your pants. "Your load is already inside of me daddy.... you might as well fuck me. Pleeeease daddy? Give me another one" you can't help yourself, and let her take it out and play with it before sliding it in her already cum filled pussy. She tells you how naughty this is, fucking and impregnating your own daughter. She cums hard before eagerly begging her daddy to fill her up like a good little slut. Tags: cum, creampie, taboo, family, ddlg, daddy daughter, cumslut, cum dumpster, bareback, impregnation, pregnant, pregnancy fetish, cream pie, creamy, kink, teen, young, roleplay, pov, brunette, 18 and 19 year olds, highschool, father, little, canadian girls, cute, slutty, slut

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