hazelsimone - Massive Facial for College Cumslut JOI


hazelsimone - Massive Facial for College Cumslut JOI
You walk into your classmate's dorm room to find her in a bra with her face COVERED in cum. She's surprised and embarrassed, but that quickly changes once she sees the boner you have for her. She admits to you that she just finished sucking a guys cock and let him cum all over her face. She confesses that since arriving on campus, she's become sort of a huge cum slut. She tells you she likes being submissive, calling guys daddy ("you don't mind, do you daddy?", having all her holes used like a little cum dumpster... "Why don't you take your cock out and stroke it for me? It looks soooo hard and I'm already covered in cum... I've fucked so many guys I don't really care anymore" she tells you some naughty stories about being a bad girl, having sex with guys at your school and getting spitroasted after a party. She tells you to stroke for her as she strips down for you and begins to wipe the cum off her face and lick her fingers clean. She touches her pussy in front of you, and giggles knowing how much it turns you on. "Your dick is way nicer than that guy in our english class's dick, just so you know." She asks you to give her another load all over her face, and you cover her in cum for the second time that day. Light JOI, POV, and a big cumshot facial to finish

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