hazelsimone - Mommy Lets You Fuck Her Asshole


hazelsimone - Mommy Lets You Fuck Her Asshole
Your mom comes in and starts nagging you about your messy room "how hard is it to take your dishes back to the kitchen!?" She bends over to grab a towel off the floor and you notice a hole in the crotch of her leggings. "I can't see it... where is it? Just touch it for me so I know where it is." You hesitate before sticking your finger in the hole which happens to be right on your mom's pussy. She gasps and accuses you of being a pervert. "I guess I'm sort of a MILF... that's what you teens call it, right? Mother I'd Like to Fuck?" She giggles and starts to come on to you "you know mommy gets horny too..." To your utter disbelief your mom instructs you to pull out your cock so she can suck it. Then she proceeds to bend over and offer up her pussy. After a few strokes she stops you "actually sweetheart... mommy's not on birth control and she's not sure you're going to be able to stop yourself from cumming... can you put it in mommy's ass instead?" She's gentle and encouraging at first but as you fuck her she begins to moan and dirty talk like a full blown whore. "Let mommy suck her ass off your nice hard cock sweetheart, good boy! Mommy wants to be your ass-to-mouth slut." She cums hard on your dick and gapes her asshole before letting you finish inside her, letting her son leave a massive load deep in her ass.

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