hazelsimone - Sister Caught and Can't Hold Her Orgasm


hazelsimone - Sister Caught and Can't Hold Her Orgasm
This is a custom vid that was ordered via ManyVids. Your horny sister thinks she's alone in the house, and grabs her favourite vibrator and dildo to start masturbating. Little does she know, you got off work early today. You watch her from the doorway for a while, before walking up behind her. Startled, she hardly has enough time to hide what she's doing so she stuffs both of her toys in her panties and pulls down her skirt like everything's normal. She awkwardly attempts to make some conversation with you, but the vibrator in her panties is pushing her closer and closer to orgasm and she's doing a pretty bad job at acting normal as she squirms and tries to stifle her moans. Eventually she can't hold it anymore and cums in front of you, gasping. She admits she was masturbating when you came in and had to stuff her toys inside of her to hide them. She begs you to leave so she can take them out (she's so embarrassed) but you keep standing there until she's pushed over the edge again and has another orgasm. She begins to have multiple orgasms in front of you, shaking and moaning until she takes the vibrator and dildo out - the sensitivity of her pussy outweighing the embarrassment of you seeing her toys. She makes you pinky promise you won't tell mom and dad. She doesn't want them to know she has toys hidden underneath her bed. Tags: sister, taboo, ashamed, masturbation, embarrassing, caught in the act, lush vibe, dildo, panties, thigh highs, braids, family

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