hazelsimone - Taking Your Daughter's Xmas Innocence


hazelsimone - Taking Your Daughter's Xmas Innocence
THIS IS A DDLG ROLEPLAY; IF THAT MAKES YOU UNCOMFORTABLE THIS MAY NOT BE THE VID FOR YOU "Daddy I wrote a letter to the north pole and Santa never sent anything back... I'm worried I'm on the naughty list!" Your 18 year old daughter is way too old for this bullshit. You have no idea how this went on so long... all grown up and she still believes in Santa? You decide today's the day she loses her innocence. She clings to one of her stuffies as you explain that Santa isn't real. She's a smart girl and quickly realizes that means YOU decide if she's naughty or not. This makes your day a lot easier; with a little convincing she's sucking your cock "like a candy cane." You instruct her to show her tight teen body for you and you begin to play with her little pink pussy. You gently ease your cock inside and she gasps, holding her stuffed penguin to keep her calm while you use her. She's understandably overwhelmed, learning Santa isn't real and losing her virginity to daddy all on xmas eve. You fuck your daughter from the front and then (once she's moaning and begging to feel your full length) you flip her over to fuck her from the back and give her a big Christmas load MERRY XXXMAS EVERYBODY THANK YOU ALL MY AMAZING FANS XOXOX I hope everyone has a sexy awesome holiday!!!! ❤

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