hazelsimone - Teen Babysitter Sexier Than Your Wife


hazelsimone - Teen Babysitter Sexier Than Your Wife
I'm your live-in babysitter and I KNOW you think I'm sexier than your wife. I've noticed you seem... unsatisfied with your relationship and I suspect you aren't getting the attention you need. I call you into my room to chat about this, and you find me wearing a sports bra and leggings with my hair in double braids. I tell you I've wanted to show off my tight teen body for you since the first day I worked for you, and beg you to take your cock out so we can masturbate together. I tell you I pumped my pussy a little beforehand while I fantasized about being with you so I'm already nice and wet. Do you want to see my cute pumped pussy? I keep reminding you how much sexier I am than your wife, and tell you I want you to start sneaking into my bedroom at night to fuck me while she is completely oblivious in the next room. Can you believe you just cheated on her? I don't think you regret it... it's every man's fantasy to fuck the little babysitter, isn't it? Light JOI and dirty talk throughout.

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