hazelsimone - You Can Finally Fuck Me Daddy


hazelsimone - You Can Finally Fuck Me Daddy
Your daughter wakes you up on the morning of her birthday to ask you for a special favour. She's fresh out of the shower wearing nothing but a towel, her hair in two little pigtails. "Do you know what day it is daddy?" of course you do, she's just turned 18. "You can finally fuck me daddy" you're taken aback by your daughter's forwardness, and feel your cock throb at the thought of her tight little pussy. She climbs under the covers and reaches for your cock. You can tell she's been craving this for a while, her teen nipples are hard and she's flushed with excitement. She begins to beg you to take her virginity, telling you how much she wants your big daddy cock in her tight 18 year old pussy. She's never been fucked before and she's eager to please. You warm her up by sliding your cock up and down against her pretty pussy lips before slowly guiding your head to part them open and thrust inside her sweet wet cunt while she moans and squirms for daddy.

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