Jessica Lust - That Problem Student


Jessica Lust - That Problem Student
Miss Jessica has had plenty of time dealing with those students. She's no pushover. She wasn't born yesterday, but it would be easier if the students did take the work seriously. Especially that tall, dark, handsome, bad boy she has to constantly nudge and prod for his work. She almost thinks he does it to tease and flirt with her, because he does show up at the tutoring sessions after school. She has carved out a lesson plan and she knows he can do the work. If only he would! And by work, Miss Jessica of course does have some naughty ideas. He's quite an attractive young man and she's a sexy teacher. When she finds her secret vibrator, she decides to act on that fantasy, just for a minute. It's her personal, private time, class is long dismissed. She wants to see what he'd learn if she stripped her dress off and shook her naked ass for him. Maybe that's the secret.

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