KendallOlsen - Loser Loser LOSERRR


KendallOlsen - Loser Loser LOSERRR
I'm proud of you, loser. The truth can make one so bitter. Hearing how much better I am than you, about how much more fulfilling my life is... it can seem unfair, I know. I am gorgeous, powerful, and wealthy. Rather than lament your loser status, you have decided to embrace it. You LOE being called a loser. Of course your life should be meager and pathetic, so that mine can be that much more beautiful. Of course you should grovel and beg, slave away while I flourish in a life of opulence and indulgence. Of course we should both cackle over what a LOSER LOSER LOSER you are, while I say it over and over. I am a princess. You are human garbage.

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humiliation verbal humiliation femdom pov brat girls female domination