LadyToro - Office Slut


LadyToro - Office Slut
Look who decided to show their face at work today! We all thought you'd be too ashamed to come in after your super GAY antics at the office party last week! Once you had a few you were quick to start hitting on and making jokes about our gay boss. He wasn't into the Twink jokes though, and before you knew it he dragged you in the back and fucked you so hard. He had to make a point that just because he's gay doesn't mean he's not an alpha! And YOU'RE obviously the sissy beta bitch. He fucked you in every hole all night, and from your moans you were LOVING it. Who knew that behind the wife and straight lifestyle you were actually a total faggot? Now you're stuck being his little office bitch forever if you wanna keep your job!

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