MeganMarxxx - Girlfriend wants to cum with you JOI


MeganMarxxx - Girlfriend wants to cum with you JOI
Your girlfriend Megan misses you so much now that you're gone. She is so horny already since she can't fuck you, so she decides that she can make you cum with her while you're apart. Wearing your favorite pink dress, Megan teases and tells you to pull your cock out and start jerking to her. Being a good girl for daddy, she starts to get herself off before taking off her clothes. She lets you sp33d up, but doesn't let you cum until she's ready to cum with you. You jerk your cock, getting closer and closer to cumming. You hear in her voice as she talks dirty to you how close she's getting to cumming. Finally, once Megan has rubbed her wet pussy for you enough, she lets you cum while she has an amazing orgasm with you.

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