MessyCleo - Baby Oil


MessyCleo - Baby Oil
Cleo wants to play with some baby oil. So she puts some pigtails in her hair and wears her new croptops and shiny boots. First she wears a purple top and squirts baby oil onto it. She makes sure to cover it completely, before putting some on her jeans and hair as well. But the top was ruined way to quickly, so Cleo takes it off and puts a clean pink top on. This one she covers in oil as well, making it nice and see-through. When it is ruined too, she puts on a fresh salmon-colored top. This time Cleo decides to lay down before squirting baby oil all over her. She then rolls around in the oil, before putting on another new top. This time a red one. Cleo quickly ruins this one with oil as well. Rubbing the oil over her jeans and boots too. The only place not covered in slippery oil, is her bum. So Cleo takes the top of the bottle and pours the oil across her bum and into her jeans. She then pours the last of the oil over herself and rolls around in the oil.

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lotion/oil fetish wet look big boobs wet & messy sploshing