MessyCleo - The Clumsy Sous Chef


MessyCleo - The Clumsy Sous Chef
Cleo is a chef and has a new sous-chef for her show the Boobybaker. However, he isn't very good at his job and is a bit clumsy. She wants to show her viewers how to make a pie. Her assistant doesn't understand her instructions however and most of the ingredients end up on Cleo instead. Luckily, she still has a pie she prepared earlier. So she puts it on the table to show to her viewers. Her assitant then tries to clean her up a little bit and accidentaly pushes her face-first into the pie. With the pie ruined, her assistent goes to get another pie. However, he trips and throws the pie into Cleo's face. Cleo doesn't want to give up on her cookingshow, so she decides to make two new pies. Her assistent again spills most of the ingredients on Cleo, before accidentaly pulling the top of Cleo's apron down. He then clumsily drops the pies on Cleo's boobs. By then she's just so angry with the man, she gets a final pie and pushes it into his face. The assistent then gets two plates of whipped cream and turns Cleo into a whipped cream sandwich. He then angrily walks off. After the show is over however, she calls back her assistent and confesses that she actually liked it when he got her messy. She then pulls down his sweatpants and puts shavingcream on his dick. She gives him a handjob and boobjob until he cums all over her messy face.

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