MMM100 - Police interrogation: Milky watch out


MMM100 - Police interrogation: Milky watch out
This is a serious police interrogation! Is Milky the murderess the police is seeking for? Our police inspectors Terry and Max Cortes from the Spanish Government got the task to find out, why and how this charming lady, Milky Cooper, became a murderess. The lady doesn't look very impressed by the physical presence of the inspectors. She behaves shameless and ice-cold by sitting in front of them on that uncomfortable wooden chair with her legs widely spread and showing them her pussy. This way, the police inspectors get confused and they won't be able to get sorted. And that is the case! They get hot and horny, feel they must follow their instinct and can't simply resist! The presumably murderess is going to be fucked in every hole, in the ass and in the pussy! Terry and Max forgot about who they are nailing here. After all, Milky is a criminal. This is a weird way of gathering information, a very unusual way of behaviour. The policemen don't make sense! I wonder, if the homicide will be clarified one day, if our Spanish police can be so easily fooled by a dangerous woman. Let's wait and see! And watch the scene in Full HD!

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