NataliaLeo - If She Can't Hold It You Lose Your Dick


NataliaLeo - If She Can't Hold It You Lose Your Dick
This is a custom video geared towards anyone with a fantasy about having their penis cut off and also bathroom/toilet fetish. You gain consciousness and find yourself in a terrifying situation. You're tied to a chair naked and your penis is held at the base of a small guillotine. The sharp blade hovers over your cock, poised to drop at any moment and severe your manhood from your body. What kind of sick Saw movie scenario is this?? Sitting directly across from you is a strange woman you've never seen before looking desperate and uncomfortable. She asks if you have any idea how we got here and you say no. She says that she saw someone hooking you up to the guillotine and they told her that if she goes to the bathroom and p00ps in her panties the sharp blade will fall and you can say goodbye to your penis. She's basically squirming in her chair desperately trying to hold it in. Thankfully she makes it long enough and passes this fucked test. Sighing in relief, whoever took you lets you go.

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