Princess Miki - Limp Dick Loser


Princess Miki - Limp Dick Loser
I don’t even know why you’re here if you’re one of those guys who can’t get it up. I put on this outfit, I’m teasing you with My body, and it does nothing for your useless defect of a dick. It can’t be used for anything — not even for pleasuring yourself. You’re one of the stranger, more puzzling humiliation porn addicts. You’re so pathetic that you can’t even get it up to jerk off. Seriously — what’s wrong with you? I’d say it’s probably best to cut it off since it can’t be used anyway, but if you’re going to continue to pay to watch humiliation porn you can’t jerk off to, it doesn’t really matter to Me. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: @ThePrincessMiki Website:

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