PrincessDiana - Dangerous touches


PrincessDiana - Dangerous touches
clip request:  You are a CEO and you have a meeting with your intern, you always wear button shirt that show your navel because it's your fetish and you want someone to play with it. During the meeting you tries to make your intern play with your navel by getting his face close to it and playing with it yourself, when he tries to leave you stop him and ask him if he want something getting your belly button closer to him by mistake he touch it and get sucked inside you panick and tries to get him out. Next scene another employ enter at first you put your finger in your belly button and then you explain to him what happend he doesn't belive and put his finger insinde your navel and play with it at first nothing happen and then he get suck insinde. After that you start to enjoy the feeling you see someone not looking where he go so you put yourself in front of him and his last view is your belly button. But someone was watching and he tries to blackmail you get closer while agreeing then grab him and suck him into your belly button, this one struggle inside and manage to pull himself almost out but you suck him inside for good The final scene is you playing your navel and getting closer to someone until he is at your navel level you ask him if he want a promotion and get closer until the last thing he see is your navel getting closer

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