Reyna Mae - Pre Op Tonsillectomy Throat Mouth Tour


Reyna Mae - Pre Op Tonsillectomy Throat Mouth Tour
My tonsils are huge and full of scar tissue. I get strep throat and tonsil stones frequently, have trouble breathing and swallowing, and snore because of them! UGH! Take one last look at how large and swollen they are before I have them removed. I talk about what the surgeon did to examine me, his recommendations and the upcoming surgery. I give you a good tour of my mouth and throat. Post op video coming soon! Includes: mouth fetish, mouth tour, uvula fetish, tongue fetish, bad breath, throat fetish, throat tour, teeth fetish, tonsils , tonsillectomy , surgery , ent , tonsil stones , swollen tonsils , pre-op , reyna , reyna mae , reynashouse , bbw , milf

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