Stella Liberty - Ballet Balance Boy


Stella Liberty - Ballet Balance Boy
Today I am visiting Goddess Janira Wolfe at her special FemDom ballet studio. Both of us are dressed in our black leotards, nude pantyhose and black ballet flats and I am looking to work on my balance. It has been awhile since I have done any dancing and today Janira has agreed to help me. In her ballet studio though slaves provide all the furniture and help they can and today slave fluffy is going to be our balancing toy. Instead of using an exercise ball fluffy offers up his tiny body and allows us to walk all over him. Standing on his chest and balls I practice my plies and squats and he is such a good object barely moving beneath both of us Goddesses. Slave fluffy is so compliant even as I gracefully jump on his chest and we rub our sweaty feet all over his face. Even as we leave footprints all over his exposed body he stays still and it is really helping me be more confident and feel so powerful. Even as we trample his balls fluffy stays still because he knows the consequences are much worse than all the pain he is going through.

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