Stella Liberty - Double Domme Fury with AstroDomina


Stella Liberty - Double Domme Fury with AstroDomina
Astro has completely worn out slave fluffy on the other side of our “Pain Triangle” but p00r jeff is still around for us to unleash or sadistic urges. Each of us takes one of the slave’s butt cheeks all to ourselves and begin rhythmically punishing them with our implements of choice. I use a nasty crop and cane combo while Astro uses the classic wooden cane to make our slave scream out in pain over and over again. My crop has many good uses and with his balls exposed so nicely I decide to add some cbt. Seeing how much fun Astro is having with her cane I move over to the longest one in my collection and deliver painful blow after blow. Astro takes no mercy as she puts her full might into painful swings immediately marking up jeff until his legs are jelly and are quivering. Deciding he has had enough we both move back to slave fluffy and take out our whips to work over his back. It is already so red and used it up that it doesn’t take long for him to wish were over. But we have additional plans for him when we turn him around to face us. Having a new unmarked canvas is so lovely as we both swing our whips across his exposed chest and make sure to painfully focus on his little cock and balls. Once we had our fill of torment we decide to humiliate fluffy by spitting all over his face. Both of us take our turns and by the end of there are no dry spots left on our slaves face like the loser he is.

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