Stella Liberty - Double Foot Domination with Lux Lives


Stella Liberty - Double Foot Domination with Lux Lives
I told you that if you truly wanted to be my “Foot slave” that you would need to worship my feet and all the feet of my friends. Lucky for you today Goddess Lux and I are hanging out and you get to do twice the work. You are already salivating looking at the bottom of our high heels and it is important that you lick all the dirt off the bottom of our shoes. This is exactly what you asked for and we know how hungry you are for our soles. Slaves like you are lucky to have our long toes in your face and mouth and we will use all of you as we see fit. You only get to cum when we permit it and unless you do a good job we won’t even consider it. While you massage our feet you will only be allowed to hump our shoes so your pathetic sperm is not allowed to contaminate a disappointed woman. That’s why you only get a ruined orgasm into our shoes and you better thank your Mistresses before we change our minds.

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