Stella Liberty - Edging Fluffy


Stella Liberty - Edging Fluffy
Slave Fluffy has been way too vocal so it is time to shut his little slut mouth up. Mistress Stella gags Fluffy with an expandable gag she can inflate with a hand pump. There are so many ways to torment and punish him and tease him with her long fingers. She slides a hitachi attachment onto Slave Fluffy's swollen little dick and sets the hitachi on high so that she can painfully tease his balls until they burst. Despite the gag he moans with pleasure as she teases him over and over, giggling in amusement. She doesn't want to hear a fucking sound from him so she fills up the gag until he gags. She knows he likes being teased like a little slut. She spanks him bare handed until his little white ass is rosy red. She won't be satisfied until he is swollen and aching from the cock teasing and spanking. He better control himself, she won't give him permission to cum so quickly. She grabs a flogger and whips his ass to keep him from cumming. His red ass takes the beating and then its time for the hitachi again. Will slave Fluffy make Mistress proud or will be be yet another big disappointment? Slave Fluffy's cum belongs to Mistress Stella and he is only allowed to release with her permission. Maybe she should just ruin his orgasm. Her countdown is pure agony for Fluffy as he tries to hold out for her command. He better be fucking thirsty because no drop can be missed in Mistress Stella's presence.

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