Stella Liberty - Extended Cushion Duty


Stella Liberty - Extended Cushion Duty
Custom Giantess Video: you are a bitchy giantess who keeps a few shrunken slaves around the house. (Imagine they are around calf height.) They are big enough to be useful, but too small to give you any real trouble. On this day, you come stomping in looking for a little man that you have been calling for, and you find him just ignoring you. He tells you that he is refusing to worship your feet and ass anymore and is demanding to be set free. This irritates you even more and You remind him that he is too small to fight you, and make him remember how flat you trampled the last little man who tried to stand up to you. From there it would be kind of a size humiliation clip, where you describe how much worse you are going to make things for him if he wants to disobey you. (Trampling/squashing with your feet and flattening and smushing with your ass) until the end where you tell him he's going on extended seat cushion duty, and the camera fades out as you reach for it to grab him. Your videos ass smush giantess and tush mush are two of my favorites, and buttcrush is my favorite element of giantess so if you can work with that, I'm guaranteed to love it.

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foot fetish giantess ass fetish shrinking fetish ass smooshing