Stella Liberty - Findom Feet


Stella Liberty - Findom Feet
Just because you have money doesn't mean you have access to me. In fact, most assholes with wads of cash are so entitled I won't even bat an eyelash at them. You must go out of your way to stand out from the crowd by displaying enthusiasm, loyalty, commitment, and respect. If you have none of these things and only a large bank account, you are the worst kind of loser there is. Either way, a stingy rich man is far less useful to me in the long haul than a struggling well behaved submissive. I enjoy denying you, I enjoy telling you the one thing you never hear, NO. Deep down it must turn you on that there is one woman out there who will not let you get away with your fucking bullshit. Now let's see how far you're willing to go to actually get my attention. Remember, generous submissives are far more important than wealthy ones.

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