Stella Liberty - Mismatched From The Start


Stella Liberty - Mismatched From The Start
Stella and Elis meet at a party and don't realize they aren't height compatible until she stands up to go spend some time with him. He is completely obsessed with how tall she is and starts asking her all kinds of questions about how she got so tall and if she took growth hormones like he did. She towers above his meager 5'4" frame in her high heels. They compare heights by standing back to back and she is astounded to see how she can rest her elbow right on the top of his head. She is fascinated by his tininess and wants to see how she can use his tiny frame to her advantage. She sits on him and they talk about how cute they would look out together and get all the attention. Maybe she can get him a pass when they go to the movies on their first date

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