Stella Liberty - One Tall Bitch


Stella Liberty - One Tall Bitch
Stella is ready for a night out on the town to capture and enslave another short man. It is her vocation to torment and punish them on behalf of all men. She slides on her 10" sparkling man killer boots and dreams about the night she is going to have. She lays out and fondles her favorite rubber gloves in anticipation of using them on her victim later that night. She can't wait to see who she meets. At the house party, Stella finds a short older man and starts to work her charms on him. She makes sure he is partying hard because she can't wait to trick him into coming home with her. He awakes groggy on her couch, she has poisoned him. When he tries to escape she slams him against the door and puts her gloved hands around his neck. She smothers him until he closes his eyes again. When he wakes, he is bound and strung up for her pleasure. She dominates his face and mouth beneath her thick gloves as he struggles, gasping for air. She tells him that the last guy she took home with her ended up in a mental institution and that she gets great pleasure from sending men to a padded room for life. This p00r sucker is totally in for it, and Stella pulls no punches and ultimately takes his breath away with her height and strength.

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