Stella Liberty - Roommate Contract with Janira and Fluffy


Stella Liberty - Roommate Contract with Janira and Fluffy
Janira and I have been searching for a new roommate for awhile and we think today is the day we finally found a good replacement. Fluffy will soon be responsible for keeping our entire apartment tidy and he seems very eager to sign our new roommate contract without a thought. Once the ink is dry, though things start to get kinky and we make him strip down in front of us right away. We need to make sure he is not going to take advantage of his new living situation and immediately make him put on a chastity device because we don’t want to find him masturbating over our bed late at night like a little pervert. He quickly figures out his new cage, which impresses us because it is always hard to find quick learners these days. We begin to test out his uses by using his tiny body as our footrest for our stiletto heels. Things start to get worse for fluffy as he soon learns that there is no room for him in the house and instead of a room he will be living in a crate outside for the remainder of the contract. We make sure he understands his new life as our human furniture and test him out as a nice throne for us and a doormat for our heels as we trample him. Hopefully he passes his first test otherwise it will be a long year for our new roommate.

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