Stella Liberty - Stinky Foot Torment with Janira Wolfe


Stella Liberty - Stinky Foot Torment with Janira Wolfe
Janira and I continue george’s live stream show with a bit of foot torment. George claims to be a foot slave but is soon given more than he bargained for when he is compelled to worship our stinky feet. After a day walking around in my heels I stick my shoes and feet in his face and laugh as his face cringes in from the pungent odors. George says he only likes clean feet so make sure to ignore his requests and stick our salty feet all over his mouth and nose. We make him lick off all the dirty spots and despite his face being in pain his tiny cock gives it away that he is really enjoying them. It is so funny for us to hear him beg to “pre-wash” our feet and it makes us chuckle as we make him inhale our dirty foot smells. It is clear that we pegged him for a tiny dick loser because he was being so generous at the bar and by the end of the night we will make sure to drain him of the only thing he is capable of giving a beautiful woman, his money.

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