Stella Liberty - The Nice Paddle with slave fluffy


Stella Liberty - The Nice Paddle with slave fluffy
Fluffy is still nicely marked from the earlier caning he received by my sadistic urges still have not been quenched. After being strung up all day, I decide to give him a little break and tie him down to the bondage horse exposing his striped ass for more punishment. Paddles are on the menu and I have the perfect one to use on his already tender backside. Decked out in leather and stockings, I continue fluffy’s training with my leather paddle. I love how it reddens his entire bottom and makes his backside glow all over. In between each thank you I go back to my bare hands making him wince with pain. I love the way his tiny face scrunches up with each blow and it puts a smile on my face when a slave thanks me for beating him. It is so satisfying to rain heavy blows on his sensitive backside and I work his ass with both my forehand and backhand until it is pink all over. My heavy blows have him squirming in his bondage but it’s only a matter of time before I bring out the “naughty” paddle.

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