Stella Liberty - Tiny Penis Exposed with Janira Wolfe


Stella Liberty - Tiny Penis Exposed with Janira Wolfe
George thinks he is getting so lucky going home with 2 hot ladies but little does he know that Janira and I have different plans for him. He thinks he is having his dreams come true when we tell him to strip but it quickly turns to a nightmare when we see his tiny shriveled penis. Claiming it is just cold and it will grow makes us laugh even harder and we decide to put George naked on his back so we can get a full view of this pathetic so-called man. George is really hoping that this will be a private playtime but he quickly learns that his humiliation is being broadcast worldwide from the webcams all around the apartment. We decide to make him stroke his tiny dick but it is so small that he can only put 2 fingers around it as he flicks it like a clit. His dick is so small in comparison to his large balls and even gets engulfed by them and hides away. George doesn’t seem to understand his predicament but this is just the beginning of his live show.

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