Stella Liberty - Won't You Be My Neighbor


Stella Liberty - Won't You Be My Neighbor
Stella's neighbor is pissed at the noises he has been hearing coming from her place for a while. She is dressed in her domme outfit and he notices. She calls him out for being a member of the neighborhood watch and a total narc. He demands she stop having all these men over to her place and making all kinds of loud noises. She tells him she just has tinder dates over and friends and it is none of his business who she has over when ever she has needs that need to be met. Soon enough she starts sizing him up like a piece of meat and tells him he will not go to the cops, instead he will stay there with her as her newest slave! She just loves short slaves and takes her time seeing how they compare in size and tells him about his new life and how he is going to serve her from now on.

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