Stella Liberty - Your Upcoming Circumcision


Stella Liberty - Your Upcoming Circumcision
Your girlfriend was tired of your uncut wiener so she booked you a circumcision appointment with a female urologist. You're extremely nervous about the procedure so she asked me to join in on the fun and try to make you even more anxious about what is about to happen to your dick. She chose a local anesthetic which requires your dick to be shot up with some pain killers and you absolutely hate needles. Then, when you are getting your dick sliced up, your girlfriend will be having a relaxing day reading some magazines while she waits in the waiting room at the dr. office. Afterwards, you will no be allowed to cum or get hard ons for 6 weeks, but she will be able to masturbate as much as she likes. Don't pop a stitch or you will have to go back in and get them put back in!

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