Talia Tate - Big and Quick for Glasses and Cleavage


Talia Tate - Big and Quick for Glasses and Cleavage
*Custom clip release. Contact Me to make your fantasy become reality.* Your cock may be big and it may be pretty as far as dicks go, but it doesn’t mean it’s fit for me. You see, I know you have a certain fondness for deviant, dominant women that sport a mean pair of frames…especially when those natural assets are there on display to tease and torment you even more. I’m going to see just how fast you spurt and ooze for me and my glasses today as I squeeze, tease, and even give you a quick glimpse of my perfect, natural breasts. I can’t wait to hear your whimpers and whines as you succumb to the sights in front of you, blowing your load as I laugh and giggle at the outcome that was so inevitable. I know your massive, throbbing dick is a sight to be seen, but it will never be able to last long when it comes to my perfected teasing and tormenting techniques. Just look at you oozing and twitching already….

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