Talia Tate - Dark Beauty Demands Your Denial


Talia Tate - Dark Beauty Demands Your Denial
*Custom clip release. Contact Me to make your fantasy become reality.* My good boy is ready for another advancement in his training. I’ve busted his balls and used him to my advantage, but now it’s time for him to learn some self control. I’ve concocted a fun little game for him to play over the next two weeks that is sure to put his willpower to the test. I’ve come dressed in my sexy, dark goth gear because I know how weak it makes him for me…I like him pliable and willing to do just what I say. He’s going to be touching and edging for days to come, but absolutely no cumming. There will be consequences if he slips up, and he must persuade and beg me at the end of the two weeks if he wants to end his edging predicament. I can’t wait to see how he holds up…

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