Talia Tate - Dinner for One: Cuck CEI+Panty Cleaning


Talia Tate - Dinner for One: Cuck CEI+Panty Cleaning
Your wife has been cuckolding you for quite some time now and she’s quite impressed with how well you’ve taken to it despite your beginning hesitations. She has decided it’s time to promote you and allow you to taste her again. Oh no, don’t get ahead of yourself she’s not allowing you in between her legs like that ever again. Her lover visited your marital home while you were away and they created a little present for you while he was there. They fucked with and without condoms and you’ll be getting the honor of tasting the remnants of what they left behind. A condom full of his superior cum and her panties full of a delightful medley of both her juices and her lovers. You’re going to drive them to dinner and wait in the car, and that’s where you can feast on the rest of your dinner for one.

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