Talia Tate - Filthy Toilet Fucker


Talia Tate - Filthy Toilet Fucker
You are so low on the slave totem pole that you don’t even get to consume my waste straight from the source...that’s right I won’t even relieve myself in your mouth. Instead, I’ve brought you to the dungeon so that you can clean an actual useful piece of plumbing. And don’t worry if you get any second thoughts or show any signs of hesitation I’ll just use these shackles to keep you bound right where you belong. I’ll lock your ankles and wrists so that you’re bear-hugging my commode and then you will make love to that porcelain throne. I’m going to have a great laugh as I watch you make out with the lid and then you’re going to romance the seat as if you were actually licking a clit! I want to see you put that tongue to good use. After you’ve slurped up all the nasty particles and waste remnants you will use your spit that’s left over to slide your cock between the seat and the porcelain bowl to actually fuck my toilet. How degrading, yet so amusing….for me at least!

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