TemptressBlair - Drone Depletion Reprogramming


TemptressBlair - Drone Depletion Reprogramming
Disclaimer: This Drone Depletion Reprogramming WILL leave you undeniably devoted to deepneing your beta drone tendencies and depencies for your Master. The following carefully cultivated reprogramming session will completely consume your beta drone mind to desperately seek mindlessness, brainless behavior that may plunge you to the point of no return. This potent programming is meticulously designed to permeate your beta submissive subconscious, grasp any reminensce of ego, money, willpower, and control you have left, and completely deplete it in order to fully cleanse the mind of anything that does not prioritize and please your Master. Upon FULL completion of every detailed demand for drone depletion is performed, you will approach and demonstrate your financial sacrifice and suffering in order to be designated your official drone coding, and be prompted to the next phase of your purposeful protocol rewiring.

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