TessaTryst - Afternoon Quickie with Mommy


TessaTryst - Afternoon Quickie with Mommy
I know we're leaving soon, so we don't have much time, but Mommy knows you're horny. I'm going to take care of you real quick. You've been such a good boy. I don't want you to go out with a big, raging hardon! We have to hurry, so I go straight to teasing you with my big BBW ass, telling you to stroke that hard cock for me. Soon I pull off my dress and bra so you can stroke for my huge tits, too. Oh, my big boy is so hard for his Mommy! I reach for your cock and wrap my hand around it, feeling it throb. Do you want Mommy to suck on it, sweetie? I lick and kiss it a little before swallowing my son's cock over and over. I love how naughty this feels! Are you thinking about cumming in Mommy's mouth? Well, I think you should cum in my warm, wet pussy instead! I get on my hands and knees, ready for you to shoot a huge load into me. We've got to be quick, so don't hold back! There's not even any time to clean up after you've blown a huge load inside of me. Mommy's going to have your cum dripping out of her all day! You'll love this if you like: BBW, fat, chubby, MILF, taboo, taboo roleplay, mom/son, big tits, big ass, dirty talk, blowjobs, POV, virtual sex, implied creampie

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