TessaTryst - Plump Mommy Wants To Ride You


TessaTryst - Plump Mommy Wants To Ride You
There's Mommy's good boy! You want to make Mommy feel good and do what she says, right? Well today, Mommy's pussy is really wet, and I want you to lay on my bed so I can slide it down your hard dick and ride you. I tease you a little before taking off my robe, showing you that I'm not wearing anything underneath! Then, to get you all ready for me, I tease and talk dirty to you about how horny I am and how much I want to ride you. After you lay on my bed, I straddle you and rub your dick up and down my wet slit, before sliding you inside of me and sitting on your hard cock. I moan and whisper about what a good boy you are for letting Mommy use you to feel good... and you get to cum when Mommy does!

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