Tia Tizzianni - 18YO NewGirl Kat Trained as BondageWhore


Tia Tizzianni - 18YO NewGirl Kat Trained as BondageWhore
When the totally PETITE FEMBOI Kat graduated she intent on starting a new chapter in her life. She always effeminate, always pushed aside, always looked down upon as weak, fragile, tiny and girlish. She truly now wanted to take advantage of her girlie petite size. He absolutely adored serving others. So Kat searched for a Daddy who would help her transform into the gorgeous creature she knew she could become. She wanted him to FEMME her every step of the way to being totally feminine and the TOTAL FUCKTOY. Watch as Daddy did transform KAT into a petite hot lil slut. In this video he has her in a collar and restraints. Ready to train her to FUCK like the WHORE she needs to be. First thing Daddy teaches his lil SLUT is to learn to give him the PROPER BLOWJOB as he also buries his COCK DEEPTHROAT into her waiting LIPSTICKED LIPS. Daddy TIES HER TO THE BED and mounts her to loosen her BOIPUSSY. He lifts her legs over her shoulders and FUCKS his new BONDAGE BITCH. Daddy films her POV as he FUCKS her Missionary. Then he brings out the LEG SPREADERS to really OPEN UP HER PUSSY. FUCKS HER HARDER. When Kat is good and lose, Daddy puts a BALL GAG on her so he doesn't have to listen to his CUMSLUT anymore. He then rolls her over, while she is still restrained and her FUCKS her on her side. He pulls out after awhile and SHOOTS HIS LOAD all over her FACE and BALL GAG. Very hot TRANSFORMATION of a SUPER CUTE FEMBOI to gorgeous BONDAGE SLUT. Really hot POV FUCKING if you love to be PART OF THE ACTION. ~ transformation by Tia Tizzianni ~ ~ courtesy of The Sissy Institute

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