Tia Tizzianni - Detention2: Nyxi Punishment by Hard Fuck


Tia Tizzianni - Detention2: Nyxi Punishment by Hard Fuck
The hot lil girl NYXI is in DETENTION but having SEX with another in DETENTION, the sexy new TRANS SLUT at school Zia. (See all the hot fucking and sucking in the first video Detention1.) Right in the middle of a long hot FUCK SESSION with her slut friend Zia, Mr. Smith the counselor returns and Nyxi's PUNISHMENT begins. This reprimand starts with a HARD SPANKING for the gorgeous lil slutty girl. As her ASS reddens Nyxi is just waiting for Mr. Smith to get HORNY enough to stuff his COCK deep in her ASS PUSSY. Watch as Mr. Smith FUCKS lil Nyxi on his desk DOGGY STYLE and on HER BACK with her QUIVERING FROM ASSGASMS. SO FUCKING HOT! Be sure to catch the first video in this series Detention1. Girl-on-girl detention rimming, fucking and sucking. ~ transformations of Nyxi and Zia by Tia Tizzianni ~ ~ directed by Bailey Love ~ ~ courtesy of The Sissy Institute ~

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