TropicalLustXXX - Ball Busting The Boss


TropicalLustXXX - Ball Busting The Boss
Kendra works in an office where her so called Boss is such a creep. He touches all the girls in the office all the time without there permission..which is totally not right. On top of that he NEVER gives any women promotions which is fucked up, so Kendra invited him over to her house to have some fun! He thinks he is coming over to get some ass but he is really going to receive a nice session of getting his Ball Busted! As soon as he arrives Kendra gets him out of his clothes all the way down to his boxers! He thinks Kendra is about to undress but instead she tells him to spread his legs wide for he does with a confused look on his face and then all of a sudden he gets a big kick from Kendra's boot! This goes on until Kendra feels like he gets the point, Kendra makes sure to let him know that no one has to now what happened here today if you promote some ladies and stop being a fucking creep!

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femdom ballbusting female domination ball busting ball stomping