TropicalLustXXX - Kendra and Shelby Humiliate you


TropicalLustXXX - Kendra and Shelby Humiliate you
Kendra and Shelby went to school with you but you never talked to them then because they weren't "cool" enough for you. So now that they all are a little older the girls asked you if they could come over and hang out, of course you agree. But you has no clue what your getting yourself into. As soon as the girls get to your house they tell you to just sit down right in front of them and to get ready! Kendra and Shelby tell you what a fucking loser you are and how you couldn't satisfy a women even if you wanted to. They seen pictures of your pathetic cock don't try and lie to them, like you did in high school! The girls know that you can barley even jerk your cock because of how small it is, and to think you made fun them! Kendra and Shelby make fun of you until they just don't feel like it anymore but instead of them getting up and leaving they make you get up and leave your own fucking house! You can come back when the girls finally get up and go home!

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